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Training on enhancing election skills conducted

“Democracy Learning” Public Union completed training sessions for enhancing participation skills in the elections for local civil society organizations. The event took part in Baku with participation of about 20 NGO representatives within the frameworks of the “Civic participation for free and fair elections in Azerbaijan” project implemented with the support of the European Commission on 29-31 January 2018.


Local CS activists attracted from 10 regions of the country enhanced their skills and knowledge in the area of the specifics of the voter education programmes, election legislation of Azerbaijan, best practices in the area of the increase of voter activity and other issues.

The presentations related to the recommendations on the election legislation and their implementation phase, duties and responsibilities of the participants of the election process, in particular, voters, election commissions, observers were made by experts working in the areas of the elections, enhancement of the civic participation.

During the training sessions the issues like the role of democracy in the elections, significance of the citizens’ participation in the elections were especially kept in focus. Discussions were held around the topics of increase of sensitivity of the target groups on the topic of elections and needed knowledge, skills and practices as well as methods of delivery for increasing their participation activity in the next elections.

It should be noted that main target groups of the project covering 10 regions of the country are social groups, in particular youth, women, people with physical disabilities, and others that are in need of information, skills and consultations related to the election issues.

The training participants were also familiarized with strategic review document related to the regional election participation to be prepared within the frameworks of the project. By passing the knowledge obtained at this training to other target groups they will give their contribution to implementation of those strategies. To this aim, workshops in the regions, small group discussions, competitions, distribution of the educational materials, activity in the social media and other similar methods are planned to be used.

“Democracy Learning” Public Union

Department of Public Relations

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